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Good News !
Our 'adopted' turtle has recovered and released to the open sea.

Dwayne is back!

A great day for our adopted turtle, Dwayne. On the 15 of December Dwayne was released to the open sea. Amazing work by the staff at Archelon for bringing the injured turtle back to a full recovery and able to fend for himself in the wild. It was a long journey and now Dwayne will be travelling the Aegean sea once again.

Sea turtles tend to get entangled in fishing gear and such incidents may result to injuries or drowning. They may also fall victim to collisions with speed boats, especially near nesting beaches.

At Siva Travel protecting wild life is something we feel very strongly about and do our part towards this. Our core values include respect to the environment and all wild life; it is all of our responsibility to do things each day to reduce our carbon footprint and make our routine and practices more eco-friendly.

Thank you to 'ARCHELON Τhe Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece' for bringing him back to health and for allowing us to be part of this amazing journey.

Safe travels to our friend Dwayne !

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Video of Dwayne being released.

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blog entry of 23/December/2020

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