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Greece Tourism Awards 2017


Yesterday (21/March) SIVA TRAVEL was awarded two Greek Tourism Awards. Our commitment to excellence and continuous product development sets Siva Travel apart. We are very proud to work towards sustainable travel practices with emphasis on giving back to local communities in Greece, respecting the local culture and the environment. It our goal to always pioneer ideas for experiences in Greece that allow for our guests to fully appreciate the destination and the way of life.
Very proud of all the team and the huge amount of research and product development that have lead up to these awards.

2017 Silver tourism Award 2017 Bronze tourism Award

• Bronze Award: Tourism growth and Contribution to the local economy. For a series of excursions and events on the island of Lesvos (Mytilene).

• Silver Award: Digital Tourism for the Utilization of Social Media. For our contribution to the Contiki digital Campaign promoting Greece.

The ceremony took place at the Athens Intercontinental and twelve members of the SIVA team attended. Elias and Markos received the awards for SIVA – both very proud to be selected for this honor.

These two awards are very significant for us; and for both of these a large number of very dedicated staff have contributed greatly (up front and behind the scenes).

SIVA TRAVEL is committed to giving the best service in Greece; without losing sight of values for sustainable travel or falling behind in new technological advances.

We are always very proud to be part of the TTC family of brands.

Video of the team at the awards.

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