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Greece has so such more to see than the well-known destinations. More than the amazing beaches and islands, it is a destination with an very wide selection of things to do and places to visit. The activities and experiences offered at each location will allow you to immerse in the local culture. The diversity of Greece makes for a true twelve month destination.

Combine the history and culture with amazing hiking at the spectacular villages of Epirus (north Greece) or even trek the world famous Mt Olympus. Taste the local cuisine and eat where the local do; visit small wineries, explore and enjoy. The beauty of the landscapes and the way it ties in to the local culture and history, spanning thousands of years, is what makes these holidays stand out.

Stay at boutique small hotels, meet the locals and enjoy the uncharted Greece.

Hiking Enipeas gorge at the foot of Mt.Olympus
See the stone houses of Vathia village
Visit the beautiful village of Limeni
Hiking to Cape Tenaro
See the bridges of Epirus

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blog entry of 20/Sep/2021

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