Frequently Asked Questions about Greek Island Cruises

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Are Greek island cruises expensive?

If you consider that on board the ship you will enjoy daily all meals, add to this that entertainment and a selection of shore excursion is included; and over and above all this you also get drink package included. The per day cost of a regular holiday, and particularly if you add all the above in your costs, is probably more than the cost of a cruise – and you are not on a cruise ship!
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Which is the cheapest of the Greek island cruises?

The three day cruise is the most economical of the Greek island cruises from Piraeus.
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Is there a cruise to Istanbul from Athens?

From Athens (and returning to Athens) there is a seven day cruise to Istanbul sailing on Saturdays with selected dates in October and November.
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Dining and Diets on the Greek island cruise

What Meals are Included on the cruise?
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included in the price of the cruise ticket. These are served in the dining areas and on occasion also on deck (lunches when weather permits). The meals are nice and cater to the tastes of all, there is good choice and a Greek flavor to the menus.
Can I have a special diet on the cruise?
If you have any specific dietary requirements, allergies or intolerance to any ingredients, you need to advise the cruise line in advance so necessary adjustments be made, wherever this is possible.
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What is the Dress Code on the Cruise Ship?

If you are traveling during the hot months (May-Sep), light, light colored, cotton clothes which “breathe” will keep you cool. Take with you your bathing suits if you wish to swim. It is good to have with you sunglasses, a hat and of course sun protection for the open spaces and the pool. For the evening it is best to bring a cardigan or light jacket, as it is possible that the weather may be cool on open decks; also remember the vessel is air conditioned). If you intend to use the gym aboard the ship, ensure to pack sports clothes and shoes, as well as the necessary accessories.
What is the dinning dress code on the cruise?
In both the restaurants and the public spaces on the ship, one ought to be country club casually dressed. Bathing suits & shorts are not allowed in the restaurants where casual dress is compulsory, for aesthetical and hygiene reasons. If you wish to have a meal on deck in your swimwear, you can enjoy the great range of the buffet on the deck (weather permitting), without having to change for lunch.
What to wear formal nights on the cruise?
Formal wear should be worn for the Gala Night and Captains Cocktail which take place during Seven day cruises. Formal dress entails, for women: Cocktail dress or a smart outfit, for men: Suit (trousers, shirt, jacket) and a necktie.
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Are drinks included in the Cruise price?

The cruise rates include drink packages.
There are different options to choose from including alcoholic and non-alcoholic packages.
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Aegean Sea Shore Excursions

Cruising this amazing area of the world has an added bonus: the very interesting ports of call. Aegean cruises can be categorized as destination cruises as the main highlight are actually the ports of call. On all the islands there are excursions organized by the ship, in which you can participate at an extra cost.
The shore excursions are a highlight of the cruise and you should examine what options are available to you and choose the ones that you find interesting.
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What is the Mobile Phone coverage on the Greek Island Cruise?

Aegean Sea cruises have an extra good thing going for them…. Mobile phone reception is available during most of the cruise. All the Greek islands have excellent mobile phone coverage this means that on the greater part of the cruise you will have good signal. The only times when you will not be able to use the phone is on long crossings, even though these are few and mostly done at night.
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Can I access the Internet on the Cruise ship?

You can browse the internet on the ship but this is quite expensive and done at a designated area of the ship that has computers with access, or where the WIFI of the vessel has coverage.
A good “tip” to have in mind is that in Greece most cafes offer free Wi-Fi to all their customers. So if you want to use Wi-Fi, and as the ship is in port for many hours, it is a good option to enjoy some time at a local café and use the free Wi-Fi.

Is smoking allowed on the Cruise ship?

Smoking is not allowed in any of the indoor areas of the cruise ship.
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Where do the Greek islands cruises start from?

The cruises are best enjoyed when sailing from the port of Athens (Piraeus).
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When is the best season to take a Greek island cruise?

The best months to cruise are May, June and September - the weather on the islands visited is a bit cooler.
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Which is the shortert of the cruises to the Aegean?

From Athens the shortest cruise is the 3 Day cruise sailing every Friday.
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Is there a cruise to Istanbul from Athens?

From Athens (and returning to Athens) there is a seven day cruise to Istanbul sailing on Saturdays with selected dates in October and November.
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How do I get to the port of Athens?

The port of Piraeus at the south of Attika, about 10 miles from the center of Athens. Piraeus from Athens, depending on traffic is about one hour away. You should allow for ample time if you have a boat to catch as the traffic can cause big delays. The easiest way to get to Piraeus is using SIVA travel transfer service.

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