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Where is the island of Hydra

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Location of Hydra

The island of Hydra about 90 minutes by fast boat from the port of Athens (Piraeus), a distance of approximately 40 miles . It is considered one of the prettiest ports of Greece and so close to Athens allowing for a visit either as a day trip or an extended holiday.

The picturesque port of Hydra is known for its exquisite architecture and spectacular neoclassical stone mansions overlooking the port. The island shipping merchants built these spectacular the mansions which still stand today and give the island its unique feel. Hydra does not allow any vehicles and this makes, even the busiest days of the island, feel serene and relaxed.

A notable aspect of the island is the great appeal it has had since the sixties to the vip and the jet set. Major music stars and Hollywood actors frequent the island.

All in all the island of Hydra is well worth a visit. One of the hidden gems of the Greek islands with a unique character evident throughout.

How to get to Hydra

Island of HYDRA Greece

The easiest way to get to the island of Hydra is using SIVA travel transfer and ticketing services.

The boats to Hydra sail from the main port of Piraeus which is a short drive from the center of Athens (about 30-45 minutes). Alternatively there is a regular train connection to Piraeus from Athens center.

Sailings are daily and the best choice is to opt for the fast boats which only take about 1 and ½ hours approximately.

If you wish to have all arrangements to get Hydra for a day trip or a short holiday on the island it will be a pleasure for our travel consultants to discuss options with you and to find the best that suits your requirements exactly.

At Siva Travel we also offer private day cruises that visit Hydra and the close by islands of the Saronic gulf.

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Things to do on Hydra

Getting around Hydra

Hydra does not allow cars, so getting around is done on foot or by water taxis.
Walking the around the island and especially the narrow alleyways of the town is a tradition for all visitors, and walking up the hills surrounding the port is fun and allows for great views. Getting to beaches is usually done by the water taxis which are located at the port; in season, there are always available for hire.

Around the port of Hydra / restaurants and cafes

Hydra is known for the waterfront caffes and the pass time of “people watching”! As there are no cars on the islands, the waterfront cafes are a meeting point and a promenade. It is fun to watch the boats coming and going while enjoying a coffee and an ice cream at the port.

The island does offer a selection of good restaurants serving Mediterranean/Greek cuisine. Most are within the town or with easy access.

Swimming on Hydra

The beaches of Hydra are accessible by water taxi ( or longish walks ). As compared to other Greek islands, Hydra does not have the beaches that other islands have. That said, there are nice options to chose from one which is exactly at the tip of to port entrance. Keep in mind that the island is rocky and the only sand beach is Mandraki beach.

An off the beaten track swimming alternative on Hydra is to hike to the south side of the island and swim at Limnioniza Beach. Keep in mind that this is quite a long hike and you would need to take with you water and food as there is none available at the beach.

Museums on Hydra

There are a couple of small museums on Hydra
1. Historical Archives Museum of Hydra
2. Kountouriotis Mansion

Make sure that you check open/close times before arranging a visit.

Close by to the island of Hydra is the island of Aegina (click link for more info)

Private Day cruises from Athens

Day cruises from Athens

A private day cruise is one where you have the boat all to yourself (the boat has a professional skipper to navigate the cruise destinations). This allows for an incredible experience to be enjoyed.
It is affordable, luxurious and fun.

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Depending on the time of year you chose to travel to Greece, your holidays will differ substantially. Read the article, see the Frequently asked questions and chose the best time to travel to Greece.

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